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Hackathon in Dhaka gathers 350 participants!

Sanitation Hackathon Dhaka's picture

Hacking has started in Dhaka! Around 350 participants, mostly IT experts and students of universities are participating in the Sanitation Hakathon in Dhaka.

“This is more than just a hackathon because we are solving Real Life Problems. It is the first time I am participating in anything like this!” says hackathon participant Nur Alam Zico.

Nur’s team is creating a map platform, where local challenges can be submitted area by area, for anyone to suggest a solution. Best solutions can then be rated, he explains. And why is he participating the hackathon?  “I love challenges”, he says.

 In Bangladesh one of the most popular problem statements is “Locality Twinning”. Global problem statements are also being solved.