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A virtual SOS to reduce child mortality

Short description 

Promoting hygiene in an innovative or alternative help reduce child mortality

Crisis statement 


11 percent of child deaths in the world, representing 759 000 per year, or 2079 a day, are due to diarrheal diseases, of which 88 percent can be attributed to the lack of clean water, health security and hygiene. Using new technologies to help messages reach a more attractive and effective could help beneficiaries reduce this gap.

Progress has been promising, but the challenges to overcome are still very significant

Needs statement 

Develop applications or systems to change hygiene habits, in an innovative and effective. The use of cell phone applications, social networks, etc.. can be be a good alternative to reach a large group of beneficiaries who have access to technology but still live in vulnerable situations to their health.

Impact statement 



By controlling the use of these applications and the consequent reduction of infantile mortality rates from causes related to hygiene.